Monday afternoon round-up of news and comment

An article in Research Fortnight argues that the evidence suggests that the government’s proposals to saddle students with £50,000 of debt will deter the poorest students: “a degree should not be the preserve of the rich or the reckless”.

The Campaign for a Public University has an article responding to the news, reported on this site on Friday, that the government’s own analysis shows part-time students will lose out under the proposed funding regime.

The Times Higher reports that UUK has failed in its efforts to get all Vice-Chancellors to sign a letter supporting the fees rise.

Colin Talbot argues on his blog that the government’s rejection of a graduate tax is evidence that their real intention is to create financial competition between universities ‘along US lines’.

Ed Miliband argues that the government’s proposals on Higher Education reform is an act of vandalism that will ‘set back social mobility for a generation’.

Professor Sir Ian Kershaw expresses concern about the “twin effect of the near trebling of university fees and the axing of funding for humanities and social sciences” in a letter in the Guardian.


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