‘A double whammy that will freeze social mobilitiy’

Peter Lampl of the Sutton Trust argues at the Guardian’s Comment is Free that slashing funding while almost trebling fees ‘would be a serious deterrent for those from non-privileged backgrounds’. Cuts to the higher education budget, Lampl argues, were inevitable, what it is at issue is the ‘sheer savageness’ of what the government proposes. He concludes:

‘An almost trebling of tuition fees and a slashing of state support for universities takes us on a journey into the unknown; an unprecedented shot in the dark, with young people’s futures at stake. The double whammy of major cuts to state funding for universities and higher fees is inequitable and is sure to freeze social mobility. That is a bitter legacy for any politician.’


One response to “‘A double whammy that will freeze social mobilitiy’

  1. A young french sociologist, Aurélien Casta, is working about it. See

    and, for those having access:
    Aurélien Casta, « La nouvelle condition des étudiants anglais : entre endettement et emploi », Formation emploi
    [En ligne], 110 | 2010, mis en ligne le 10 septembre 2012. URL : http://formationemploi.revues.org/index3007.html

    I hope it can help you fighting against that foul reform.

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