King’s College Cambridge criticises government’s ‘undue haste’ and endorses call for a Public Commission of Inquiry

The council and the governing body of King’s College, Cambridge, have this week passed resolutions criticising the government’s plans to reform the basis of higher education funding. The College Council agreed a statement stating, ‘We share the anxiety currently expressed by many citizens that the Government’s Higher Education Fee proposals will both limit access to and undermine the quality of Higher Education teaching and research’. The Council also  ‘strongly’ supported the call for a Public Commission of Inquiry. The Governing Body, meeting separately, passed a resolution stating ‘that these proposed changes have the potential to inflict irreversible damage upon our culture of education, learning and research.’ The full text of the resolutions are here. The official position of Cambridge University remains that it will not comment until after the publication of a White Paper. The government is pressing ahead with a vote in the Commons on Thursday to raise the fee cap to £9000. It has not announced a date for a White Paper.

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